Daily photographs from the inhabited ages of Dinaisth,
updated each day during the month of October 2019.

Day 31: Vertale Shieldrow Vertale


Day 30: The Slip Gate, Duomo

Returning to Duomo, from Saarafores, entering via the hidden slip gate.

Day 29: Saarafores Station, Saarafores

What is left of the limnal spaces.

Day 28: Depository, Vertale

Visited the weather beaten safe by the Kanikule shores.

Day 27: Coralinev, Unknown


Day 26: Road's End, Eaurizon

The constructors operating in this sector have never connected the junction to Vertale.

Day 25: Paradichlorisse, Kirleane

Waiting out of the storm by the Kanikule shore.

Day 24: The Whiinders, Dilitrielth

Looking for a signal, from the top of the Whiinders.

Day 23: The Outside Route, Vertale

The only way across is via the exposed route creeping along the outside walls.

Day 22: The Fork, Vertale

The connection between the Dilitrielth drains and the Es Rive has been severed.

Day 21: The Drains(Station), Dilitrielth

Reached the disused station, the system controls have turned to dust.

Day 20: The Drains(Basin), Dilitrielth

Descended to the basin's shore, there used to be a bridge across, but it must have sunken.

Day 19: Dilitrielth Station, Vertale


Day 18: Compressor Workshops, Vertale

Rapidly cutting through the frozen station.

Day 17: The Escal, Vetetrandes

Descent toward the frozen lower floors, where the compressor sleeps.

Day 16: The Eaurizon Hangars, Eaurizon

Entering the hangars of the Neon Hermetists.

Day 15: Across the Es Plains, Es

Heading toward Eaurizon.

Day 14: The Shutting Ramp, Nion

Resting while the food reactor to establishes contact.

Day 13: The Reflector, Dilitrielth(above)

Repairing the giant capture mirrors.

Day 12: The Refinery, Duomo

Anchored by the Duomic shore.

Day 11: The Ehrivevnv Gates, Nion

Waiting for the storm to pass.

Day 10: The Hanging Road, Laeisth

Crossing from Laeisth to Duomo via the hanging road.

Day 09: In Flight, Dilitrielth

In transit.

Day 08: The Idle Flighter, Dilitrielth(surface)

Preparing the flighter for the journey back toward the shores of Kanikule.

Day 07: The Support conduits, Laeisth

Walking through forgotten levels and across their disused vents.

Day 06: The Districts, Duomo

Resting in ghostly Duomo while the reactor recharges.

Day 05: The Autoconstructor, Vetetrandes

Reached the limits of the automated builders; these districts will never be finished.

Day 04: The Ceiling Stairs, Laeisth

Ascending the labyrinthine tunnels beneath the surface of Known Magye.

Day 03: The Soies Compressor, Dilitrielth(below)

After its rescue from the Vetetrandes ruins, the compressor arrives in Dilitrielth.

Day 02: The Valentinel Bridge, Laeisth

Architects of the ancient bridge connected our two societies by cutting across the ancient astrolab.

Day 01: The Court Of The Septechoes, Laeisth

We have finally received the stabilizers from the builder districts.

And walk among long dappled grass,
And pluck till time and times are done
The silver apples of the moon,
The golden apples of the sun.

— Ray Bradbury

Dinaisth Map

The castle of Andes(Laeisth, surface)

The collapse of Yajnev(Vetetrandes, surface)

Deep in my dream the great bird whispered queerly
Of the black cone amid the polar waste;
Pushing above the ice-sheet lone and drearly,
By storm-crazed aeons battered and defaced.

— H. P. Lovecraft

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Devine Lu Linvega, Inktober 2019

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